Monday, 22 August 2016

Week Thirty Four

Week thirty four was brilliant, here are the (photo heavy) highlights:

I cleaned the Smart car :)
I swam over a mile :)
I had a great Zumba session :)
And really noticed how the hard work is paying off, photo 1 was 01/01/16, photo 2 was 01/07/16, photo 3 was 17/08/16!
I did a 4 mile walk with a stop halfway to use the outdoor gym with a really great view.
Alfie had a visit from his friend Sarah and sent me this photo while I was at work :)
I maintained my weight loss this week but still enjoyed dirty pudding :)
I had Friday off work and went on a wet road trip
To a very wet destination!
But the sun did finally arrive :)
And so did the Red Arrows!
We ate...
And we drank :)
I spotted a photo of Paul on the Bournemouth Echo website!
Saturday was windy, very, very windy! There was an exceptionally high spring tide and parts of the beach, including the entertainment stage, were flooded!
And I could hardly take my eyes off of the amazing sea.  Me and my brothers and sisters have always loved swimming in rough seas and I wished they'd been there with me :)
We drank...
And we ate :)
And then it was my turn to appear on the Bournemouth Echo website :)
My heart was racing as I watched the Red Arrows perform in incredibly strong winds!
On Sunday the sun shone and the winds had died down.
We watched the Navy battle pirates (not the Long John Silver variety!)
And we watched the Red Arrows again.
And we ate!
Before, happy and tanned, it was time for me to head home.
To see my little girl and give her a massive Custard Cream!
So there was a lot of eating and drinking this weekend but me and Paul always treat the Air Show weekend as our annual holiday and we did walk over 25 miles!

I hope you have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

Monday, 15 August 2016

Week Thirty Three

Well week thirty three is over and we are racing towards Christmas!!! Woohoo :) Here are the highlights:

I completed just over a mile at swimming and managed to get a waterlogged ear!
I'm so lucky that my boss said I could watch the Olympics at work :)
I had a great Zumba session, the hall has been unavailable for the last 2 weeks and, even though the group have been walking instead,  I've really missed it.
After Zumba me and my girl went to see the new Star Trek film, it was brilliant!
We found another great outdoor gym on our 4 mile walk, I'll definitely be going back to this one!
Alfie spent a lot of time just sitting and watching me :)
I face timed my brother Jamie who lives in Thailand.
I saw my nutty nephew George :)
I lost half a pound and enjoyed dirty pudding.  I was also very proud to be nominated for the Woman of the Year Competition and so pleased for my friend Sue who won :)
On Saturday I was up so early I had time to do all of my housework, including washing the bedding and clearing the ironing pile, before going out for a 2 and a half mile walk at 9:30!
After walking and shopping I cut the grass, cooked dinner and had a night out with the girls :)
After a Sunday morning walk me and Sarah tried to sort our bikes ready to get some training in :)
I spent some time in the afternoon meal prepping for the week.
Before sitting down and having a little treat :)
Another great week and I'm really looking forward to the week ahead.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

Monday, 8 August 2016

Week Thirty Two

Week thirty two was another active one, here are the highlights:

I went for a mile long swim after work and enjoyed a cup of my favourite coffee after :)
Zumba was cancelled again so the group went for a lovely 3.5 mile walk instead :)
Alfie really didn't want me to administer his ear drops so tried to hide his head in the sofa
My Wednesday walk with Jo took a different route so we could have a go at the local outdoor gym
And I had a quick go at hopscotch :)
Maddie's 7 month old laptop died on Saturday but luckily our IT guy at work managed to fix it and save all of her data.  She didn't get it back until Wednesday so she had a nightmare few days without it!
I popped out for a break at work and bumped into my friend and old boss Lauren, it was a lovely surprise :)
All of my hard work paid off with a great loss at slimming!
And it made dirty pudding taste all the sweeter :)
I was up early on Friday morning so had a jog on my trampoline while watching an old episode of Citizen Smith :)
On Friday evening I went on a road trip to see Paul :)
We were up and out early getting some bits and pieces done on Saturday
So we could enjoy the afternoon at the beach :)
And spend some time in the Lower Gardens people watching :)
Sunday was a lazy day.
And then I was back home with my boy!
I'm hoping that this week will be just as lovely and I am so looking forward to Team GB winning lots of gold medals at the Rio Olympics :)

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx